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Get your FREE online pre qualification

Just a few of the tools in the chest.

Our 7 day process is simple and straight forward. No rush?  No problem.  We work for you, and on your timeline.

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Personal & Accessible Team

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Appraisal Waiver Requests

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Remote Closings

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Fully Underwritten Pre- Qualification Letters

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Smart Online App Portal

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Auto Doc Requests & Paperless Uploads

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Auto Borrower & Realtor Notifications (Texts, Emails)

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We've Got JIM

JIM™ is our wise crackin', dad-joke-tellin', big-hearted A.I. (Artificially Intelligent / Auto Assistant).  He is the self-proclaimed hardest worker in the home loan business.  He'll be assisting days, nights, weekends, holidays.


He knows his stuff.

Real information in real time. Loan details, updates, reminders, important dates & statuses, and much more.


He works 24/7.

JIM™ works days, nights, weekends, and holidays delivering important emails, texts, and much more.


Yes, he's got jokes.

Oh, he's got jokes alright (sigh..). They're dad-jokes at best. But he thinks they're hilarious and hopes you do too. 

Your credit matters.

Shouldn't ours?

With all the scary home loan stories, it's important to partner with a company that is proven and trusted.

But don't just take our word for it.



Our free application, consultation, and pre-qualification begins in The Loan Home®.  Complete your application, upload docs, monitor status, and much more.  

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