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The Family Story

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15 years ago,

a few friends just wanted a better job.

D&H Lending's story began in 2005 in Irving, Texas.  It was three childhood friends, two of which brothers. Though mortgage and banking was in our blood and background, the truth was, we simply wanted a better job. It started as a small family run mortgage brokerage whose primary customers were family and friends. But with such close ties to our initial customer base, we immediately found our identity and mission. We must provide low rates, low costs, and high-end service. 

As our foundation was established, the D&H Lending family quickly grew. In 2008, we re-organized uniting D&H Lending with DMD Financial Corporation. At that same time, a transition was made to mortgage banking, funding our own loans. In 2015, a new startup-like strategy, with a heavy investment in technology, began to take shape. This game-changing focus has been re-shaping the home loan experience, giving our customers the ultimate transparency and control. In 2018, D&H Lending relocated to the Galleria Towers in Dallas, Texas. And that same year, we began rolling out new brands, trademarks, and products.  Each of these steps, plus many more, have help pave the way for improved products, pricing, and technologies. But at the core of D&H Lending remains our amazing family.

With lower overhead and margins, the elimination of high commission sales and middle men, and a constant focus on pricing, transparency, technology, family, and simply doing what's best for the customer, D&H Lending is a home loan leader in Texas.  And with a core philosophy of providing a process that is simple, reliable, and upfront, those same three friends and our amazing (and growing) family continue to deliver low rates, low costs, and high-end service all across the great state of Texas. 


From our family to yours, welcome to D&H Lending. 



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